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How To Make $250 A Day Online - Less You Know The Better.



How To Make $250 A Day Online - Less You Know The Better.

The Secret Tips & My Secret Resource.

Hi, This is probably one of the most important posts you will read as a marketer online. I have basically
shown this post to over 312,000 people this year, and its one of my posts that has changed lives, so
I do urge you to read its entirety. 

I remember the day like it was yesterday...

It was a big moment in my life.

One filled with euphoria and excitement.

I can vividly recall being overwhelmed with emotions...

It was a sunny day in August, 2004.

Not just sunny, but scorching HOT.  I'm out here just northwest of Phoenix, AZ.       :)

It all started with a simple email.

It read, "Celente, you just received a payment of $37.00".


It was a purchase receipt of the very first sale I made online.

Over a 3 day period, I had sold $999.00 worth of digital products online.

It was an exhilarating feeling to say the least.

Since then, that little system has gone on to generate multiple 6-figures in revenue.

At the same time, I had put in a lot of work to make that happen.

Somewhere around 100 hours over those first 3 weeks when it initially launched.

And then, quite a bit more ramping things up, scaling the process and tuning up the sales process.

Creating a digital product, even if you're outsourcing the creation of it (and spending a decent chunk 
of change in the process) can be tedious, very time consuming and you still need to get out there and 
market it.

That requires a whole different set of skills.

Writing and creating a lead capture page, writing the sales letter or video, follow up emails, automating
 delivery, payment processing and so much more.

It can be a pretty challenging task.

Enter the "Web Wealth System".


You don't have to worry about all the technical stuff. 

You don't have to know how to write sales letters or create sales videos.

All the customer service and processing of the payments are done for you.

And, the best part...

They pay out 100% commissions..... Yes, you keep all the profits! How Cool is that?


And, you get one on one help from one of our Certified Business Advisors who walk you through the
 process so you can get started as quickly as possible.

It's A LOT better than going out there and 'winging it' while you try to put all the pieces together yourself.

There's no need to reinvent the wheel. And you do not have to have any excuses as well!!!

Especially considering it's already been completed for you. YES! Everything!   :)

For over 12 years I've been teaching others how to create and build a viable, stable and income
 producing home based business.

To date, I've helped more than 17,000 entrepreneurs in 63+ countries take control over their financial 
future so they can live life on their terms.

And, it's not all roses and glitter.... I will be the first to admit that. 

I hear the struggles, setbacks and obstacles they experience.

One of the most common struggles that I see is when someone is trying to create job replacing income 
while marketing products that are relatively inexpensive.  

If you're exclusively marketing products that sell for less than $50.00 or so, it's VERY TOUGH to create
 any decent income.

Truth be told, IT'S VERY TOUGH to create job-replacing income marketing products online for pennies.

That's why having a back-end of a business is essential.

(Like the one I outline for you here)

It's simple to marketing and sell inexpensive products online for less than $50.00 or so.

It's not so easy to sell products that are thousands...or tens of thousands of dollars.

And, that's where the REAL money is at.


If you sell 5 products online at $50 a piece, that's $250.00 in weekly sales.

If you sell 5 products at $1,000.00 a piece, that's $5,000.00 in sales for that week.

That's a 20-fold increase for selling bigger ticket items.

Big difference, right?

That's why it's essential to have big ticket items as part of what you're promoting.

But, for most, it's a challenge to sell big ticket items.

It requires a lot of skills. 

It requires that one knows how to use the phone (and not just the Internet) to promote and sell products.

That's why I tell my students to use the =>  "Web Wealth System"  HERE.

It's a system that does the heavy lifting for you. 

So you don't have to.

They handle the big ticket sales. 

And, when those sales take place, you get a nice commission.   :)

Basically the big guys online do not tell you about this, cause they do not want you promoting
 it and stealing their thunder. 

And the other reason is they take care of the customer service, fulfillment, processing of the payments 
and everything else so you can just plug into the system - their team does the most challenging parts.

You can see how it works and how you can cash in as well.

Just click the link below to start earning instantly. 


like I said, today I share real, actionable advice that you can implement. 

Further, I'm in the trenches WITH YOU doing what I'm preaching (I didn't use something years ago, 
"get lucky" and then pass it along. I've been in this great industry since 2000).

Welcome to the industry's leading source of reliable, heavy hitting, brutally honest and "in the trenches"
 information to help build your empire.

I am not dicking around here, I promised you when you started reading this I was going to 
take you "behind the curtain" and sharing my most effective, most lucrative strategies.

Well this is IT!!!!

HERE is a Quick Story...

I never made any money online, until I worked out
this whole 100% commissions thing so others do the work, and you profit!!!.

If you want to short-cut the process and avoid the pain that I went through, check this out.

The "Web Wealth System" is specifically designed for someone who's looking to make some cash online,
 but they don't have the technical skills (or the desire to learn them).

If that describes you or you've been doing different programs online and you're struggling to connect the
 dots, this may be a perfect fit for you.


With so many "theories" and information floating around, how do you know what's relevant and what 

Most people make it all sound so easy...

The truth is that it only becomes easy when you know the most important skill set you'll ever learn to 

Your ability to communicate your message.

Regardless of what you're marketing and what products or services you promote (or plan to), pay close
 attention here...

Whether you're using the Internet, the phone or the written word (hopefully all of the above), your ability
 to communicate an effective message that your audience is looking for is the real key to success.

There have been days where I've generated tens of thousands of dollars online in under 24 hours - 
that NEVER could have been done if I didn't know how to communicate the message my audience
 was looking for.

At the end of the day we're one thing...and only one thing.

We're problem solvers.

That is our MOST IMPORTANT responsibility.

It's the ONE thing that brings home the bacon.

Almost sounds too easy to be true, but that's it. I promise you that.....

Marketing 101:  Put your message in front of a hungry audience, who's looking for what you've got 
and then...deliver them a solution that solves their problem.

Every store, restaurant and every purchase you've ever made online and offline was the same process.

You had a problem (needed to new t-shirt, you were hungry, you were looking for new sneakers, etc) 
and that store or retailer became the solution.

You've been communicating since the very second you came into this world - now, we just need to 
know how to take this skill to the next level and make money with it.

Building a business is about creating efficiencies so you're communicating your message only with 
those who are seeking a solution to what you can provide them with.

Imagine if you were only communicating with THAT audience every single day.

No more dealing with people who didn't want to hear your message or those who aren't interested in 
what you're offering...

The cool part is that it doesn't matter how you're communicating (ie; online, video, teleconference calls,
 1:1 phone, Skype, webinars, etc).

I prefer to incorporate as many "channels" as possible - there are prospects who respond better to 
offers that are made online...some respond better offline.

Some respond better on the phone.

The point is to stack the odds of success on your side.

 I can tell you I have 6 students I trained with this system alone, and they knew nothing
about the internet and INTERNET MARKETING, and all are making $5,000 USD a month
and they work less, and make more than they did in their crappy DAY JOB!

Infact, one of my students, who is using this exact system, has not quit their job and doing
$1000 days, and he basically sits on his computer in total of about 30 mins a DAY!

Picture that!!!, if you could do that, and bring in this sort of money, what would that do to you 
and your lifestyle. 

Hope this does help, but this is one of those blog posts that you did not read by chance
and does basically pull your reins and tells you to stop making excuses, and start taking action!

I mean, if everything has already been done for you, what excuses do you REALLY have?



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Secret Wealth Society - Make Money From Twitter



Secret Wealth Society - Make Money From Twitter

Twitter Money Making - Tips to Gain Followers in Twitter 

Twitter is social messaging. With the ability to follow people and have followers, and the ability to have interactions with Twitter on your cell phone, Twitter has become the perfect social messaging tool. Whether you are out on the town and want to coordinate with a group of people as to what hot spot to hit next, or keeping people informed of developments at a company-sponsored event, Twitter is a great tool for quickly communicating a message to a
group of people. Gaining followers is key to monetising Twitter however and here are two tips:

1. One of the best ways to do this is to give interesting updates on your daily life, comments on current affairs that people are interested in and/or giving your opinion on items that you may wish to sell. Ask them about their interests or what they would like to see you tweeting them about or even better what products they would like from you. This will lead to retweets depending on how good your tweets are leading to a viral effect of follower magnetism!

2. Another good thing you can do to keep your followers, get new followers, and get RT's (retweets from your followers to their followers) as well as getting recommended as a great tweeter, is to make your followers laugh (or at a minimum smile!). I go out of my way to ensure that I am making my followers laugh at least once every 30 minutes so that I can help brighten up their day in some little way if nothing else. 

The comments you receive back alone make this extremely worthwhile and fulfilling. It may sound silly, but telling a joke at a bar might get two or three people laughing, tell a joke on twitter, and in my case you will have
hundreds of thousands people laughing between your own accounts and the amazing viral effect of retweets. Jokes of your own are best, but if you ain't a comedian, there are innumerable sources of jokes and funny quotes also available on the web.

How Twitter Converts Into CASH

Valuable Twitter money making tips are not plentiful on the internet. You will find plenty of information about what Twitter is and how to use it. There is an endless supply of Twitter related gadgets and tools. But try understanding exactly HOW to make money using Twitter and the information is harder to find. A lot harder. Probably because of one reason...

Because making money using Twitter will not happen FAST. The vast majority of people are only interested in "get rich quick" schemes. They find out about Twitter, get all excited about using it - and when the money doesn't start rolling in immediately they give up. 

The primary purpose of Twitter is to help you build your own Brand - to establish yourself as a unique individual in your marketplace. It helps you to connect with your audience and to enhance your credibility.
You need to use Twitter to provide interesting and good quality information and advice. This in turn will drive traffic back to your website - where you are selling your product.

So, it is a PROCESS. You need to take time to build good relationships and establish trust. Make yourself accessible and available to your followers. You will connect with people and build up a band of targeted, loyal followers - over time. 

People will return to your website again and again. Because they trust you they will be more likely to buy what you
recommend - and THAT is when Twitter starts to convert into cash! Twitter money making is not about forever pitching your products to your followers. It is the skill of positioning yourself today to earn a steady, long-term income that will reward you in the future.

3 Tips to Make Money With Twitter

So you want to make money with twitter? Well who doesn't. Twitter appears to be one of the most popular social networking machines around, and you can quickly get twitter followers that you can make money of. But how to do it. Here are a few ideas.

First, there is direct selling. You can send tweets to your followers about this great offer you have, or this great affiliate product that of course you earn commission on. You put the link to the offer in your tweet and hope that your followers will click on it, and even better, buy the product so you earn commission.

It's a little tricky to do all this in 140 characters (the maximum length of a 'tweet'), but it's possible if you shorten your affiliate or product link by using one of the many shortening tools available online, such as bit.ly, budurl.com or tinyurl.com. Check them out. 
You can also mention the link in your public profile that people get to see. I'm not totally sure if all this works. I do, however, have some evidence for myself that direct sales work, albeit not with overwhelming success. It's modest. But still, modest free money is still pretty good!

The second way to make money with twitter is to send people to a freebie opportunity. You put a link in your tweet to a CPA (=Cost-Per-Action) offer. CPA might be a whole new topic for you, and you may need to read up on it.

With CPA offers you can promote offers that would earn you a small amount, say a dollar. The good thing is that for these offers people often just have to leave an email address or ZIP code, and then they get a chance to win an iPod, or win a certain amount of money for free shopping or whatever.

This stuff can do well for you, especially if the offer is related to your interest. This method is similar to the one above, but the offer is attractive as it doesn't cost anything for your twitter followers.

The third and last tip I'll give you is perhaps the best: make money with twitter by giving away a free gift, a report, ebook, video etc. when people enter their email address in your opt-in box on your website. So you send a tweet with a link to your freebie, and build an email list.

Then you can market to that list later. Making money from your list is much more lucrative than direct sales to twitter traffic, even though that has also worked for me. There is one important thing. For any or all of the above methods to work, you need to get a large enough amount of targeted (like-minded) twitter traffic to your offers. So first, do try and build up enough of a targeted twitter list to be successful.


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Secret Wealth Society - My 7 Tips For You



Secret Wealth Society - My 7 Tips For You

So as a 14 year old, I was stuck in school and as far back as I can remember, everyone I use to tell


This was my biggest mistake I have ever made. You guys know the drill. That who "I WILL DO IT TOMORROW" syndrome. Yes!, you always make plans and get it done tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes!? right? Sound familiar.

When you are in the secret game of making money online or offline, I have studied 10 very successful people. They are always pro-active. They never say "Screw this, I will just do it tomorrow" they are always the first to get IN THERE, and get their hands dirty and do it right now. Today.

Plus even if you think you will cock it all up. Do not worry, I have realise you will make LOTS of mistakes along the way. Do not worry, I will probably make more than you. So realise you just need to get stuff done. Don't try to make it perfect just TAKE ACTION, and get it done. Take action today, because its very powerful. I think I read a banner somewhere, that reads "ACTIONS BREEDS RESULTS!" That has always stuck with me, because its very true.

2) BE  A KING!

This sounds stupid right! So let me explain a bit. Realistically you do not want to be that guy in the street who cannot get his next meal and tie his shoe. I have noted that what really worked for me initially when I got started was to THINK Like a millionaire and pretend like I was already successful.

When I logged into my bank account I imagined more zeros at the end of my account. When i was in my crappy bomb car, I would imagine it was a Mercedes 3. I mean, noone will laugh at you, its just about creating more realities in your mind.

There is something just so powerful about doing this, there really is. It takes you a while to get the hang of it too, because at first you might feel like a bit of an idiot. LOL.

But just realise this is about tuning and attaining a certain attitude. Call it the undertones of the LAW OF ATTRACTION. Be happy for what you have, and imagine you have what you want. When I started doing this, I would wake up in the morning to my email inbox full of orders, and sales and opportunities.

At first I thought this was all just by chance. But subconsciously I knew that everyday, and in every way, what I was doing was changing my thinking and brainwave patterns. And not only was it altering the way I was thinking, it was also bringing in these huge life changing things for me.

Somehow the universe was aligning itself, to bring so much good in my life, and it gave me a passion to wake up each day, and in my head instead of thinking.... "oh great, another shitty day!" I was basically sort of excited about what sort of opportunities were about to be bestowed on me. Its kind of like I was expecting good things to happen, and mysteriously one by one, they just happened.

So be king to yourself and realize you have things to be grateful for, so be grateful for them, and more things will come to you, when you are ready.


So I bet you have heard this before right! Well, I know that this was crammed down my neck all the time.

But seriously when I was making no money at all. I wrote down, what I thought was attainable. So I would simple jot down. "I will be making $2000 USD per month" because at the time, that is just want I needed to pay my rent, and all my bills and then have a bit left over for play.

Its funny because weeks after taking Action I went from $0 a day, then soon to $50 day. Then I just kept my head down and tail up and was soon doing about $4000 USD per month, and I just felt really cool.

So with my $2000 goal out of the way, and then onto make $4000 per month, I tossed out my old goals, and made new ones. I thought making $8000 per month was attainable after making $4000, so then I wrote that down. I remember me striking the pen to paper, proud at what I had achieved, but I was even more satisfied and determined to work my nuts off to get to my new goal of $8,000 USD per month.

Now, getting to $8,000 USD a month was hard. But I knew I had $4000 a month coming in, so I just had to keep doing what was working, and also add some additional things. Some day I would get up and think...."Oh MY God! This is not happening!" And it was frustrating, but I just put my goals up where I could see them, and then kept plugging away.

At that stage, I was learning heaps of stuff from my friends, who were doing about $10,000 Per month online, and after that my businesses skyrocketed. I remember my income going from about $4,000 to $5,000 and then from there shot up fast. Eventually about 4 months later I was doing about $8,500 - $8600 USD per month. I was so satisfied, and knew that if I did not write down my goals in the first place, it would not be possible.

So, write down your short term goals, and long term goals. Put them where you can see them. Sure they might change from month to month, but you have to realize that the pen to paper makes you actually think, ok, HOW can I do this, and sets you apart from everyone else, because you will make subconscious decisions to take action each day until you get there.


Today I watched FACEBOOK, the movie. Basically it told the life story of how MARK ZUCKERBURG the CEO and founder of facebook, created this beast of a website. These days FACEBOOK brings in billions of dollars each year. But you have to remember at one point MARK ZUCK, was just a silly bumbling college student that had no money, but he had a dream.

His dream eventually exploded, but my point is you have to start somewhere and dream and create and idea on paper. Because you never know where it will go.

Every heard of that saying "dream big and reach for the stars, even if you get part of the way you will be successful"

I realize that you cannot just sit on your arse all day dreaming. You actually have to put things into practice and you have to take action. But it all starts with 1 little idea on a piece of paper. I have worked out that over the years, 1 little idea on a piece of paper has create massive success for me on numerous occasions.

Do not let anyone crush your dreams. Do not let people tell you, you can't dream big. Its your god given birth right to be happy and have all your dreams come to you throughout your life.

So DREAM BIGGER THAN YOU HAVE EVER DREAMED BEFORE!!, if you don't there is no reason to be here.


This is probably one of my biggest secrets in here.

The reason is, I have made literally a ton of money from NOT BUYING anyone's product. But by joining the lists of the big GURU's or so called SQUILLIONAIRES online. Join their lists, and actually DO NOT BUY their stuff, just learn what they are saying to you, how they are saying it to you and how they are marketing to you in their pages.

Like I said, reverse engineer them. I have made a ton of money by doing this, and I know you can too. Instead of DO WHAT THEY SAY, did you know the better education for you is to DO WHAT THEY ACTUALLY DO!!

yes...... so when they say something, why did they say it, and think about how did they say that to you and why? Then think how was that actually delivered, and how did they reach out to you. Was it VIDEO, was it EMAIL, and how did they say it to you on the PAGE or HTML page.

Why re-invent the wheel. You have to realise these guys that earn MILLIONS online are doing nothing new. All they are doing is copying or incorporating something that billionaires do. It is really that simple. There is so much money in this, and studying HTML pages, and someone PPC ads, and their marketing. Not only can this save you lots of money, but it can make you a truckload along the way.

Its probably one of my most powerful secrets I wanted to share with you today. See what the big guys are doing, and copy them. Re-verse engineer their ideas and their concepts. They obviously work, and when you see how powerful they are, you will be flabbergasted at the results.


Realise if you start to hang around people who are making $4000 a month or $40,000 USD a month. It will not matter. Success begets success.

I always hang around people that are more successful then me. WHY? simple....they have better knowledge, and success has simply rub off. You will be flabbergasted if you make friends and meet up every week and simple ask them what they are doing to make their business stronger and better.

I have a friend who is a multi-millionaire. He still drives a crappy car, and does not wear shoes. I laugh at him all the time, but he is the bloody coolest guy to hang around. He is fun, happy and always willing to share these little nuggets of information that are just life changing for me and my business. Lets face it. If you hang around broke people you are not going to get far in life. But if you hang around people who do better in business than you, you can expect to florish. It is not me just saying it, its actually a proven scientific experiential data conducted back in the 1990s, with college kids after they left school.


You have to realise that when you wish to be an entrepreneur, its not going to be easy. But then again, when you think about life, I have have been through many struggles, and horrible things. Things that really can weigh you down sometimes. But you have to realise, its the people in your life that are going to make or break you.

I have learnt that if you put positive people around you each day. Positive things will eventuate. No joke, that is not just some bullshit gutter trash I have copied from a book. You have to realise that bad people who are negative can bring you down several notches. So when I realise this, and cut people out of my life that thought I was crazy and told me I was a failure, good things started to happen. This was even having to cut or KULL several people out of my own family who laughed at me, or told me I was no good.

Get rid of anyone who does not support who you are and what you do. If you do this, you might get lonely at times, but I can tell you the friends you do have will make up for the idiots you do not have. And most of all prosperity will creep in your life big time.

So people who give you the shits, or who look down at you, it's time to get rid of them. To finally chuck them out on the curve and leave them there for good. Not only will you see positive changes to your life, but your income will explode too.